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Strategic Consultancy

Strategic Advisory
We can help by defining the overall direction and strategy for a particular organization or company. We can prepare analysis for the management team on functional decisions enabling an organization to achieve its long-term objectives and gaining the competitive advantage on the market, project considerations of strategic issues.

Feasibility Studies
We are experienced in an evaluation of the viability of projects and business plans by determining objectives, indentifying risks, describing business background, providing alternatives for solving a problem. Usually we prepare sector analyses, advise on economic aspects of the project, prepare cost benefit plans and schedule feasibility, provide customer profile, analyze market segments and legal environment.

Financial Restructuring
We can analyze the financial health and underperformance of the corporation. We make recommendations on reorganization of the financial assets and liabilities, liquidity shortfalls, allocation of resources, identifying costs reductions possibilities and increasing of net profit, tax optimization.

Loan Workouts
We can assist on debt restructuring solutions, when facing cash flow problems. We have experience in complex negotiations with the lenders to put the loan repayment back on track and with preparation of loan restructuring proposals.

Financial Optimization
We provide a comprehensive guide to optimization techniques in financial decision making, identify and manage financial risks by using financial instruments and hedging.