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Public Finance

Enabling Environment
We provide an assistance during the creation of suitable legal, regulatory and policy environment in different public sectors, as well as preparation and assessment of potential reforms and institutional building. Such services includes for example assistance during the creation of tools against economic crisis, creation of general framework for private-public partnership, including privatizations, creation of export support structures, reconstruction and tuning of health care system and its financing, disposal of non-performing assets from government economy, development of a system for supporting SMEs (small and medium size enterprises) .

Foreign Direct Investments - FDI
We can help with creation of suitable and attractive environment for Foreign Direct Investments in general as well as a special regulatory frameworks for specific sectors. We employ comparative analysis of success stories from different countries, in combination with analysis of country’s specific issues and structuring of all necessary aspects for successful implementation.

We have a deep experience working as advisors during the most landmark privatisation transactions in Central and Eastern Europe. We know how to handle the specific issues of privatisation to reach the government goals and secure the acceptance of the process by public.

Public-private partnership
We are preparing analysis where PPP projects can be employed with direct proposal of the structuring for particular projects and areas. We are also ready to assist during the implementation of particular project.

Government Advisory
We are ready to engage our key experts and experience team members to help as private individual economical advisors for representatives of governments or as a group to selected body of government.