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Corporate Finance

Financial Planning
We can help management to set financial targets for the organization and accomplish them. We usually determine future cash flow projections and capital budgeting using various methods, prepare cash-flow statements and financial plans overview for lenders, banks and other credit institutions in order to strengthen overall solidity of the project

Project Financing
We can assist an investor to obtain sufficient funding for a specific project, model individual solutions and various structures and scenarios. We have a deep experience in negotiations with banks, institutional investors, private sponsors, leasing companies, government development financing

We have an extensive experience in analyzing, measuring and managing the economic value of the company or project based on our professional skills, knowledge of valuation and financial analyses methods. Our valuation expertise is based on realized advisory services by substantial number of transactions as mergers and acquisitions, disposals, sale of securities, MBO and taxable events

Due Diligence
We provide professionally managed evaluation and verification of a prospective decision by deep analyses of all necessary aspects of a business or project. During the due diligence investigation we focus on following key areas: financial, legal, labor, tax, IT, environment and market, intellectual property, insurance and liability coverage and debt instrument revision.

Capital Raising
We can help to clarify business growth plans and to get the right type of needed funding for working capital, acquisitions, capital expenditures, new product launch or business restructuring